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10 top things to do for couples in Antigua

Updated: Apr 24

Antigua is a romantic destination for couples with its stunning beaches, lush green landscape and relaxed pace of life. Choose to stay at a picturesque, boutique hotel, beachfront all-inclusive resort or a unique, secluded rental property. Click on the link for details of 8 romantic places to stay for couples in Antigua.

Perhaps you are pondering over whether to get married on the island? Some hotels organise wedding packages but alternatively, why not consider exchanging vows with your loved one at a villa on a gazebo overlooking the sea? You can even host the party within the grounds afterwards.

Activities for couples in Antigua

Once you've selected your accommodation, it's time to start thinking about how you will explore the tropical island together. Here are 10 of the top things to do for couples in Antigua.

1. Cruise around Dickenson Bay on a BBQ Boat *


Imagine embarking on a unique sailing experience with 360 degree views of the turquoise hued Caribbean Sea. Meet on Dickenson Bay and take a shuttle boat to floating bar, Kon-Tiki where you can have a pre-sail drink before boarding your BBQ boat. Your own private captain awaits, ready to serve ice cold refreshments, cook tasty home made burgers and sail along the stunning coastline while you kick back and relax to the reggae beat. Later time slots are available if you would rather experience a sunset sail. Click on the link for full details of the bbq boat experience.

Sunset sail with BBQ Boat ANU

2. Walk a hiking trail

Hiking The Middle Trail, cactus, ship, harbour

Antigua has numerous hiking trails including several in English Harbour. There are organised tours available should you wish to hike as part of a group but there are also trails that are great to explore just with your partner at your own pace.

Middle Ground Trail to Fort Berkeley

View through the Guard House window

For the best experience, set off at the coolest part of the day from the signpost located at Pigeon Point Beach. The trail is a mix of flat, narrow and steep terrain with loose, reddish soil and little shade. Throughout the trail expect to pass the remains of Fort Cuyler, unusual cactus plants, spiky acacia trees, multiple goats and lizards. Fort Berkeley is the oldest fortification built to protect English Harbour in 1704. Take photos beside the last remaining cannon, admire the views of Galleon Beach through the window of the former Guard House and step inside the Gunpowder Magazine. At sunrise the reflections over the water here are spectacular.

Reflections early morning hiking to Fort Berkeley

3. Shirley Heights Reggae Party

Reggae band at Shirley Heights

On Thursdays and Sundays, a vibrant party takes place 490 ft above sea level at a former military look-out, Shirley Heights. Sunsets from here are special with Montserrat and Guadeloupe being visible on a clear night. Browse the souvenir stalls, indulge in delicious bbq food and rum punch and listen to the soothing sounds of steel pans.  Later, dance the night away to a local reggae band.

4. Visit a beach

Beach in Antigua

Antigua is blessed with 365 beaches, locals say one for every day of the year. Many have clear, calm water ideal for kayaking and paddle boarding. The bands of coral attract a plethora of marine life so there are plenty of beaches suitable for snorkelling. Perhaps you just want to relax on a lounger or hire a beach cabana for the day, these are readily available on a number of Antigua's beaches. For those who prefer a tranquil beach then consider Rendezvous Bay. It is a little off the beaten track and inaccessible by car but if you are up for a hike, you may be lucky enough to have the entire beach to yourselves. Some of Antigua's beaches have excellent restaurants beside them, ideal for a lazy lunch on your chosen beach day.

Click on the link to read more about some of the best beaches in Antigua.

5. Rum in the Ruins

Rum in the Ruins, Antigua

The ruins of Dow's Hill Fort come alive on Friday evenings at 5pm when talented team members of the National Park meet to share captivating stories about the local area. The ruins date back to 1789 when the fort was built to protect the area from a French invasion. As the sun begins its descent, the ruins take on a golden glow. Wander around freely with a home made rum punch in hand and then settle down to listen to some interesting facts about the fort, warning systems that protected the harbour or perhaps about the love Admiral Nelson had for the commissioner's wife. Each story is told in a humorous way and as the evening draws to a close, marvel at the most incredible 360 degree views and sunset.

Click on the link to book a ticket for Rum in the Ruins.

Sunset view from Dow's Hill Fort

6. Xtreme Circumnavigation *

Snorkelling with Stingrays at Stingray City

Xtreme Circumnavigation is an exhilarating boat tour. Three, cheery, knowledgeable crew members dedicate their time to show you some real highlights of Antigua. Carve through the waves passing spectacular natural limestone rock formations, watch out for turtles then snorkel with stingrays at Stingray City. While a delicious beachfront lunch is prepared Robinson Crusoe style on an uninhabited offshore island, you can take a gentle swim in the gin coloured waters of the Caribbean Sea. After lunch, the speed boat continues around the curvy coastline to English Harbour for a further snorkelling session by the imposing rock formation, Pillars of Hercules. The final stop is to sip rum punch on remote, white sand beach, Rendezvous Bay.

Click on the link for further details of Xtreme Circumnavigation.

Rendezvous Bay, Antigua

7. Rum tasting session at Quin Farara *

Rum Tasting at Quin Farara

Just five minutes walk from St Johns' main shopping areas of Heritage and Redcliffe Quays is the sunshine coloured Caribbean style building with red framed shutters. Today, the 100 year old shop, located where it has always been, on a prominent corner position where Corn Alley meets Long Street, is still a thriving business run by the original owner's grand children. It has maintained the tradition of serving refreshments of fresh lemonade and coffee but also serves alcohol and sells a selection of spirits and wine by the bottle. Additionally, a range of courses are available for those wishing to learn about the history of the store and to gain some knowledge of Antigua's rum production. Several packages include rum tasting sessions with cocktail making. Mixology and bar tender courses can also be pre-booked.

Click on the link for more information about sessions and classes at Quin Farara.

8. Gin Tasting at Antilles Stillhouse

Gin making process with sorrel at Antilles Stillhouse

High in the hills overlooking English Harbour lies a compact, family owned and run gin distillery, the only one on the island of Antigua. During the tasting session, it is recommended to sniff the gin, then swirl the liquid in the glass to release more of the aromas. Take a sip and allow it to rest in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing, as with wine tasting. Some of the flavours are not apparent immediately and take a while to develop on the palate. Four different gins are available to taste - Pastis, fevergrass, wood and sorrel. Each has its own incredible, distinctive flavour, making it very difficult to choose a favourite. The colours are interesting too, the pastis has blue tones from infusion with the butterfly pea blossom flower and sorrel has a vibrant pink colour. Tasting sessions are available for small groups and must be pre-booked but this is a lovely activity to do with a partner and to purchase some souvenir 100ml bottles. Click here to read more about the gin tasting sessions at Antilles Stillhouse.

Gin tasting session at Antilles Stillhouse

9. Nelson's Dockyard

Nelson's Dockyard

Nelson's Dockyard National Park is approximately 16 square miles bursting with scenic nature trails, restaurants, historic buildings, fortifications, white sand beaches, natural pools and rock formations. It is also the world's last remaining working Georgian dockyard. Meander around the lush gardens at leisure and learn about the dockyard's history via informative signage throughout the grounds. Alternatively book a guided tour via the front desk whereby a knowledgeable member of staff will tell you stories of the dockyard while accompanying you through the grounds.

Click on the link to read more about Nelson's Dockyard National Park.

10. Clarence House

Clarence House

Book a tour on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 9:30am or 3pm with a knowledgeable guide to visit the eye catching Georgian building, Clarence House. It was built in 1804 for the Navy Commissioner to impress Royals, Captains and Admirals. Roam the well manicured gardens and listen to stories about the timeline of past events. View a selection of rooms laid out with exceptional locally made replica and antique furniture, creating an insight as to what life was like historically. 

Today Clarence House is a museum and space for events and weddings. 

Click on the link to book a tour of Clarence House.

Note:  I will receive a small commission if you book any activity marked with a *

Note:  If you make any bookings based on my recommendations your contract will be directly with the airline/travel company/hotels/short term rental or activity providers you book through. I am acting as a referral point only based on information from my most recent visit which may be subject to change at any time.  


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