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Xtreme Circumnavigation

Updated: Mar 18

Xtreme Circumnavigation Boat Tour Antigua

Xtreme Circumnavigation is a boat tour that will exhilarate and educate. Do not expect an excess of alcohol or an onboard party. Instead look forward to three, cheery, knowledgeable crew members dedicating their time to show you some real highlights of Antigua. Power through the waves passing spectacular natural limestone rock formations, watch out for turtles and snorkel with stingrays. A delicious beachfront lunch is prepared Robinson Crusoe style on an uninhabited offshore island. The speed boat continues around the curvy coastline to English Harbour for a further snorkelling session before a well deserved, home made rum punch on remote beach, Rendezvous Bay.

Adventure Antigua Power Boat

Price and location of Xtreme Circumnavigation Tour

  • Boats seat 22 people, minimum age of passenger is 6 years old.

  • US$190 per person to include drinks, lunch, entrance to Stingray City and loan of snorkelling equipment.

  • The crew pick up from 2 spots from 8:30/9am - St Johns and Dickenson Bay. Return is expected between 3/3:30pm.


The crew take special measures to ensure the safety of all passengers. Before setting off they seat people who are pregnant, recovering from surgery or with back injuries to the rear of the boat. Throughout the day they help those who require assistance and give relevant safety briefings before each stop or activity.

Let the fun begin!

The Xtreme Circumnavigation Tour, Antigua

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Go! Feel the power and force of the boat slicing through waves, bouncing occasionally lifting those at the front off their seat. Squeals and laughter follow as the speed steps up, ocean spray cools and the breeze acts as natural air-conditioning. The views are incredible with hues of blue and turquoise.

Before too long we pass yachts taking part in the Caribbean 600 - a 600 mile race around the Caribbean islands.

Caribbean 600 race

The crew, Rasheem, David & Adino are fun and amusing. They keep everyone smiling throughout the 6 hour tour with their humour, conversation and providing refreshments. As we circumnavigate the island of Antigua they point out various beaches, hotels, Long Island, home to exclusive Jumby Bay resort and help us spot residences belonging to celebrities, Eric Clapton and Giorgio Armani.  

We pass many other points of interest including two natural rock formations. Hell's Gate with its hidden caves and a natural hole in the centre resembling the shape of the African continent. Devil's Bridge as the name suggests, is a rock naturally weathered by the powerful waves to form a bridge like structure. Stories suggest that enslaved people once threw themselves off the bridge to commit suicide.

Hell's Gate

Turtle Sightings

Before we arrive at Stingray City suddenly there are shouts of turtle sightings - 2 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 8 o'clock. You might see a bare visible shadow of their position under water, or if you're lucky, a head pops up for a second or two, followed by a splash before promptly hiding away again.

Stop 1 - Stingray City

Snorkelling with Stingrays

The first stop is Stingray City, a marine park with coral reef attracting a plethora of marine life including rays. They are gentle and friendly but it is important to learn a few safety tips beforehand. For example, your feet must be kept flat on the sea bed to avoid stepping on one. Instead, shuffle your feet in the sand as you move and any rays will feel the vibration and swim away before you reach it. Also, do not touch the squid in the bucket as the rays may mistake your fingers for food. During the experience, swim alongside the stingrays and experience the way they weave their way around the people. Before getting back on board there are photo opportunities available.

Stingray underwater

If you choose not to snorkel, you can still clearly see the rays swimming around the boat due to the translucent water, so you will not miss out.

Stop 2 - Green Island

Green Island

Second stop is lunch at Green Island, uninhabited with pale hued sand and gin coloured water. The crew set up lunch on tables by the beach. Help yourself to dishes of pasta with olive oil, parmesan and garlic, bbq chicken wings, salad with an Italian dressing and fried plantain. A serving of warm banana bread follows, washed down with local fruit juices. Take some time to swim and relax at leisure before returning to the boat for stop 3.

Stop 3 - English Harbour/Pillars of Hercules

Admiral's Inn, Nelson's Dockyard

Back on board, stop 3 is English Harbour. On approaching, take in the striking scenery - undulating hills, fortifications, sparkling water and historic buildings. The boat stops for around 20 minutes while we learn a little about the dockyard's history and Lord Admiral Nelson. Within Nelson's Dockyard is the former store for copper and lumber used to repair ships, now a boutique hotel called The Copper & Lumber Store. Admiral's Inn, another hotel close by has rooms that were once the dockyard engineer's offices. Look up high and there are remains of fortifications such as Fort Charlotte and Fort Berkeley built in 1704 to protect the island from French invasions.

Fort Berkeley

We are then taken to the final snorkelling destination, the imposing natural limestone rock formation known as Pillars of Hercules. The water here is incredibly deep but still so clear and interesting to experience the differences between snorkelling in the Atlantic Ocean and the calm Caribbean sea on the same day.

Pillars of Hercules

Sadly the day draws to a close but before returning to the drop off points, there is one final stop, Rendezvous Bay.

Stop 4 - Rendezvous Bay

Rendezvous Bay

It is time for a delicious home made, old fashioned rum punch on remote, picturesque beach, Rendezvous Bay. Leave bags onboard and swim ashore for your cocktail on ice. The unspoilt beach is difficult to reach by car so visitors here are less common. The sand is as soft as brown sugar and your toes sink into it as you walk. It really is a perfect way to end a perfect day.

Crew on Xtreme Circumnavigation, Antigua

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