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Half Moon Bay

Holiday Rentals in Antigua

More properties required

More quality properties will become available for short term holiday rentals within the next few months so please check back frequently.  WhatsApp or email me if you would like me to view your property for rent or if you wish to be kept up to date about properties coming onto the website at +44 7732 329863 or 

Current Availability 

Hotels and all inclusive accommodation appeals to many holidaymakers but not everybody enjoys staying within a hotel setting, at least not for the entire duration of  a trip.  This is where  holiday rentals play an important part.  For all or, perhaps part of your time away, a holiday rental offers you a 'home from home' feel coupled with the excitement of staying somewhere new, leaving you free to explore the local attractions at leisure. 

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Benefits of Holiday Lets

Choosing a holiday let can work out a little more cost effective especially if travelling during low season as flights are generally cheaper at this time.  I have noticed this with flights from London to Antigua with British Airways.  Airlines  have sales at certain times of the year too so watch out for those.  Privately owned villas can accommodate families and larger groups and splitting the cost with others can make a big difference financially.  Some property owners will also offer discounts for longer stays so bear that in mind.


Kitchen amenities are included within the properties allowing for meal preparation giving guests the opportunity to combine some meals at home with the flexibility of dining out.  The owner or manager of the property is often on hand to personally answer questions and provide assistance with any unlikely problems throughout your stay.  

Selecting the right property

Before uploading accommodation featured on the holiday rentals pages, Worldwide Travel Ideas Limited personally visits each property, meets with the owner/property manager, takes photographs and gains an understanding of the property and surrounding area.  This is to provide potential guests with as much information as possible and answer any questions before contacting the owner to check availability or to book a stay.  Worldwide Travel Ideas wants to ensure visitors to Antigua have a fantastic holiday and select the best accommodation for their needs.

Note:  I will receive a commission if you book a stay at one of the recommended short term rental properties listed on this page.

If you make any bookings based on my recommendations your contract will be directly with the airline/travel company/hotel/accommodation or activity provider you booked through.  I am acting as a referral point only based on information from my most recent visit which may be subject to change at any time.  

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