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Experience a unique BBQ boat sail in Antigua

Updated: Apr 30

Imagine embarking on a unique sailing experience with 360 degree views of the turquoise hued Caribbean Sea. Your own private captain awaits, ready to serve ice cold refreshments, cook tasty home made burgers and sail along the stunning coastline while you kick back and relax to the soothing sounds of reggae. Sounds unreal doesn't it? Well, actually with BBQ Boat ANU you can do just that.

BBQ boat ANU

The owner, Dale, has created several different packages suitable for solo travellers, couples, friends and family with experiences lasting from 30-90 minutes. The boat tours comfortably seat up to 6 people and can include sharing boards, nibbles, refreshments, bbq lunches, a floating carpet and snorkelling equipment.

Chilled refreshments

BBQ Boat packages available

NOTE: 10% DISCOUNT IN MAY, Click on the BBQ Boat ANU link to make a booking, quoting code BBQWTIL  or WhatsApp me on +44 7732 329863

Vitamin Sea

For those who are time restricted or just wish for a brief sail without added extras, consider the Vitamin Sea package. The 30 minute sail costs US$25 per person.

You, me and the sea

For US$120 per couple enjoy a 60 minute sail with a selection of unlimited drinks, snacks and a sharing board. This excursion is particularly popular early evening while the sun begins its descent and the sky transforms through a series of shades of gold to red.

Sunset on Dickenson Bay

All Aboard

For US$70 per person this 60 minute sail is available to include bbq food, snacks and unlimited drinks with the use of a floating, water carpet.

All Aboard

For US$100 per person, extend your sail to 90 minutes to include a home made bbq food, snacks, drinks, snorkelling equipment and a floating, water carpet.

Iconic phone box on Dickenson Bay Beach

The meeting point for the boat tours is on the beach close to the iconic red phone box by Siboney Bay Beach Club. A complimentary shuttle boat will take you out to Kon-Tiki, a floating bar with thatched roof - and the place to board the bbq boat.

Complimentary shuttle boat

Choose whether to indulge in a pre-sail tipple and soak up the views from the bar with its party-like vibe...


...  or climb straight onboard the cheerfully coloured orange and white barbecue boat and prepare to set sail.


Once onboard, cold drinks are offered - soft drinks, wine or beer as the bbq heats up.

Dale serving wine to guests

Choose from home made burgers or a vegan alternative, hot dogs, corn on the cob with garlic dip and toasted buns. Dietary requirements can be catered for, just inform Dale at the time of booking.

Where possible BBQ Boat ANU partners with local companies such as Antilles Stillhouse for it's gin, Oshen's Essentials for vegan burgers, hot dogs from Hall Valley Farm and locally grown corn from Ken's Farm.

burgers, sausages, corn on the bbq

Relax while your Captain sails around the picturesque bay framed by white sand. The water is mostly calm apart from occasional ripples made by passing jet skis. Watch pelicans dive for fish before gliding high into the hillside to their nests while enjoying the warmth of the Antiguan sunshine and it's cooling tropical breeze.

Hills around Dickenson Bay Beach

So whether you are seeking a tranquil half hour, a romantic excursion with a loved one or a fun-filled 90 minutes, look no further than Dale's BBQ Boats for a water based experience like no other.

Click on the BBQ Boat ANU link to make a booking, quoting code BBQWTIL or WhatsApp me on +44 7732 329863

Note:  I will receive a small commission if you book this recommended activity. 

Note:  If you make any bookings based on my recommendations your contract will be directly with the airline/travel company/hotels/short term rental or activity providers you book through. I am acting as a referral point only based on information from my most recent visit which may be subject to change at any time.  


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