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Experience a Caribbean cookery class at Nicole's Table

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Preparing plantains at Nicole's Table

I first heard about Nicole's Table several years ago after watching celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott's BBC TV series that involved island hopping around several Caribbean islands. While visiting Antigua, he stopped by Nicole's Table, a wonderful cookery school within a home setting. The dishes created were so inspiring that I needed to follow in his footsteps.

Nicole's Table Cookery Class

Ingredients ready to use at Nicole's Table

On arrival at the cookery class, budding chefs were shown to the verandah and offered refreshments while everyone became acquainted with one another and the kitchen was prepared.

All About Jerk

Hands were washed and aprons donned then we learnt a little about the dishes we were set to prepare throughout the session. Nicole explained that 'jerked' meat originated in Jamaica and that each region of the Caribbean tweaked the spices to create their own special blend. However, 'all spice' was the vital ingredient to be included in order for it to be called 'jerk'. We were handed print-outs of the recipes for the dishes we were creating that day and then it was all hands on deck.

The menu with recipes for the course 'All About Jerk'

  • Plantain chips with pineapple salsa and garlic dip

  • Rainbow salad

  • Jerk chicken

  • Jerk tofu

  • Rice 'n' peas

  • Pumpkin fritters

  • Coconut tart

... and of course, rum punch.

2 people making rum punch

Plantains were peeled and sliced paper thin using a mandolin before being salted and fried. We split into groups to make batches of jerk sauce, adding extra chilli peppers to some for those who preferred more spice, catering for all palates. We marinated tofu and chicken then prepared the ingredients to create the rest of the recipes on the menu. We took turns to chop, juice, zest, measure and mix and frequently tasted our creations should further seasoning need to be added.

making the jerk sauce putting all the ingredients in a blender

Several of us were given tasks - one tended to the rice on the stove, two prepared the rum punch, another made the garlic dip while someone else poured coconut custard into the tarts before baking.

Once everything was in the oven, we mingled and settled outdoors in readiness for dining together.

The delicious home made feast was served at the table, views were phenomenal and the company relaxed. We chattered about the interesting and exciting day we had experienced and proceeded to dine like Kings.

The group dining at Nicole's Table

Nicole's Table gives people from different backgrounds and countries the chance to come together and bond over a culinary experience. Everyone who attended had a shared interest of Caribbean food and this was a great way to return home with a new set of recipes to replicate for family and friends.

Cookery Classes and prices at Nicole's Table

All About Jerk

$125/adult, $110/child (3-12) + a 17% tax 

Click on the link to read more or to book an 'All About Jerk' class quoting the code:  WTIL

Coordinating Curry

$125/adult, $110/child (3-12) + a 17% tax

Click on the link to read more or to book a 'Coordinating Curry' class quoting the code:  WTIL

From the Sea

$140/adult, $110/child (3-12) + a 17% tax

Click on the link to read more or to book a 'From the Sea' class quoting the code:  WTIL

Cooking with Rum

$140/adult, $110/child (3-12) + a 17% tax

Click on the link to read more or to book a 'Cooking with Rum' class quoting the promo code:  WTIL

At the time of booking, mention whether you have any special dietary requirements.

Note:  I will receive a small commission if you book this recommended activity. 

Note:  If you make any bookings based on my recommendations your contract will be directly with the airline/travel company/hotels/short term rental or activity providers you book through. I am acting as a referral point only based on information from my most recent visit which may be subject to change at any time.  



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